Mike just did a wonderful job on my walk ways as well as my neighbors. They saw what he was doing and said can you do ours as well? Only because the work was well done, very clean and neat. I really appreciated the hard work he put out. I am sure that any other services his team provides will be well done.

Shannon Hendren

Thanks Michael Vazquez! My highest recommendation. Great work and very affordable. Thank you so much!!!!!!!

Mary S.
Alamo Heights

Thank you Michael for your hard work and donation of your time. Those that volunteer are the backbone of our community. We appreciate all you have done for our neighborhood. Your work is outstanding and would recommend you to those that need your service.

Gerald Schott
Castle Hills Forest

Thank you so much for your super duper cleaning! You did a great job and I will recommend you highly.


Wow I had no idea my driveway could be that white! I love the feeling of the clean patio too!

Castle Hills Forest

Mike, You did a great job on the water blasting! Thank you.

Shavano Park

Just wanted to recommend Krazy Kleen Power Washing Services, who came and finished the job that was left undone. Mike Vazquez did a wonderful job and the price was very good. Please use this conscientious man for your power washing needs. Five Stars.

Vista Del Norte

Thank you, Michael!
You did a fabulous job removing the mold from the house, wood fence and patio! The driveway and curb are also beautiful once again!

Church Hill Estates

Mike Vazquez, a Castle Hills Forest neighbor, just finished power washing my sidewalk, approach walk, window sills and driveway. Very reasonable and did an excellent job. He doesn’t know I’m posting this and didn’t ask. He’s an honest, hard working man. If you need this type of work done, give him a call at Krazy Kleen 210-888-0183

Castle Hills Forest